What Is Self-Represented?

In Pro Per is the legal term used when you represent yourself in court. Derived from the Latin in propria persona, meaning for one’s self, used in California to describe a person who handles his or her own case, without a lawyer. This section is for the people who prefer to proceed as an In Pro Per, but want to have their documents properly prepared for them.

Depending upon your particular matter, there could be several different documents that may be necessary to complete your case. Here at ABA Family Law Group, we prepare the documents necessary to complete your case.

At ABA Family Law Group, our staff will prepare your documents for a variety of different proceedings, or needs. Those proceedings include the following:

How To Get Started

Simply click the documents you need prepared to send us an email. Based on your selection, an email will be sent to you requesting the necessary information to complete your documents and how to obtain your completed documents on-line.

If any follow-up information is required, one of our staff members will contact you for the details. At this point, you should be ready to file your documents with the court.

If you need help representing yourself, contact ABA Family Law Group today. ABA Family Law Group is the balanced solution to this dilemma, providing affordable legal help with the preparation of your legal documents for a fraction of the cost. ABA Family Law Group not only saves you money, but allows you to keep control of your case by doing it yourself, but not alone!